josiegasai asked:

ayeee whaddap my dude so hear me out im trying to start a video game ost blog yanno n ive got the blog set up n stuff (vg-ost its cute so far) atm im just saving up tracks to start officially posting soon & i was wondering what tips would you have? specifically for things like copyright violations, if u have any advice on that topic. any other advice is hella appreciated too tho n i love ur blog silent hill is honestly one of my fav ost's!!! thank you so much peace n love have a gr8 one!!

silent hill music Answer:

That’s great to hear! When you post an audio track, make sure you have the artist and what production it came from. I always listen to the track all the way through before I post one, checking to see if it is a-okay. Remember to use tags to keep your blog organized and have an easy to navigate layout! Good luck!

smashfan64 asked:

So... What IS your favorite SH music anyway?

silent hill music Answer:

I’ve been asked this a few times. I really like all the games music, I’m not very picky. I’ve listened to the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack more times than any sane person. I have a few favorite songs from different games as well. My number one favorite song is Wounded Warsong from Silent Hill 4.

Hey guys, I’m trying to update the blog, you know, keep it fresh, but I’ve only found this task to be extremely difficult. The blog’s look will probably be changing a lot until I find a look I like. I’ll still be posting but if you need anything, ask box is always open!